Writer, Philosopher, Racontuer

"We all hold convictions to which we ‪aspire‬. That we sometimes fall short
is too often called hypocrisy, when really it's just human."
- Kevin Paul Tracy
The Lucifer Strain

The Lucifer Strain

Author: Kevin Paul Tracy
Published by: Daydream Industries Inc.
ISBN-10: 978-0-997260
ISBN-13: 978-0-9972606-2-5

When a young graduate student is betrayed by a most trusted professor and mentor, injected against her will with the most insidious genetically engineered virus ever created, she calls on Lainie Parker for help. Once again, Lainie plunges into danger, this time in a race against time, dodging overzealous Federal agents, evading a fanatical cell of Canadian terrorists, and fleeing ahead of a deadly wheelchair-bound assassin, not only to save her friend’s life, but to find a way to prevent the spread of a programmed plague that, if released, will erupt into the world’s first pan-global genocide.


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