Writer, Philosopher, Racontuer

"We all hold convictions to which we ‪aspire‬. That we sometimes fall short
is too often called hypocrisy, when really it's just human."
- Kevin Paul Tracy


Author: Kevin Paul Tracy
Published by: TWB Press
ISBN-10: 1936991950
ISBN-13: 978-1936991952

The hotly anticipated sequel to “Bloodflow” and the second Kathryn Desmarais Gothic Mystery. This adventure takes Kate to sin city, Las Vegas, in search of a misguided runaway teenage girl. Kate, who is still struggling to come to terms with what she has become, runs afoul of a cabal of strange subhumans who feed off the basest, most prurient emotions of human-kind. She stumbles upon a clue to her destiny, a destiny to rule the underworld as its queen, a destiny she does not want. These creatures may seem harmless at first, but underestimating them may be the last mistake Kate ever makes.

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