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"We all hold convictions to which we ‪aspire‬. That we sometimes fall short
is too often called hypocrisy, when really it's just human."
- Kevin Paul Tracy
Rogue Agenda

Rogue Agenda

Author: Kevin Paul Tracy
Published by:
ISBN-10: 061585785X
ISBN-13: 978-0615857855

"Lainie dropped to the mud, on her belly. Propping her elbows into the rain-sodden ground, she peered down the barrel of Sayed’s gun. She’d fired more guns since this entire ordeal had begun than ever before in her entire life. She had failed to hit a single target at which she'd aimed. But now, with Simi's life in the balance, she put such thoughts out of her mind and took careful aim."

Lainie Parker is the most popular telephone sex-line talent at Capri Entertainemnt. She is not a spy. But since witnessing the murder of one of her customers over the phone and trying to get someone - the police, the FBI, anyone - to believe her, she has been stalked and attacked, drugged and kidnapped, and suspected of murder and arson. Now, as crazy as it seems, pretending to be a spy may be the only thing to clear her name...and keep her alive. That's only if she can stay one step ahead of a hulking murderer, a sadistic terrorist, a brother-sister pair of tag-team kidnappers, and a wily CIA agent with dreamy eyes and a deadly way with a garrote.

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